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Quiz: How Responsible a Neighbour Are You?

By: Thomas Muller - Updated: 31 Dec 2012 | comments*Discuss
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In a society where fear of crime is rife and CCTV monitors our every move, communities are purported to be breaking down. How well are you keeping the community spirit alive by respecting and looking out for your neighbours? Take our quiz to find out.

1. You are awoken in the middle of the night by strange sounds

...coming from your neighbour’s garden, do you:

(A) Go back to bed and forget about it – it’s probably the neighbourhood cats.
(B) Go to the window and look out for any suspicious signs, and if you see something don’t interfere but raise the alarm such as by shouting and turning on the lights.
(C) Wait until the morning and then ask your neighbour whether they noticed anything.
(D) Go outside with a torch and a weapon ready to confront any intruder.

2. When driving home you notice a neighbour’s child playing

...by a busy and dangerous road, do you:

(A) Stop the car and scold the child for behaving so irresponsibly.
(B) Forget it ever happened. You don’t want to interfere in any one else’ business.
(C) Phone the child’s parents as soon as you get home to inform them of the incident.
(D) Visit the child’s parents and reproach them for not taking better care of their kids.

3. You’ve not seen the elderly lady who lives alone

...across the street for several days, do you:

(A) Call the police.
(B) Go around and ask if she’s all right and needs any help with anything.
(C) Do nothing – she’s probably gone away for a bit.
(D) Telephone a local care service to see what they can do.

4. You hear a burglar alarm going off

...in one of the neighbouring houses do you:

(A) Ignore it - no doubt one of the other neighbours will raise the alarm.
(B) Phone the police immediately.
(C) Investigate to see whether there any signs of false entry, and if so telephone the police.
(D) Go around to the house to tackle any intruders.

5. A group of youths are hanging around at the end of the street

...behaving in a rather boisterous manner, do you:

(A) Phone the police.
(B) Confront the group and ask them politely to disperse.
(C) Leave them alone because that’s just what teenagers do – they’re not doing any harm.
(D) Telephone their parents to ask that they keep better control over their young.

6. You see suspicious individuals lurking around

... the front of next door’s house with a van do you:

(A) Go out and ask what the individuals are up to.
(B) Phone your neighbour to see if they’re in and are aware of the suspicious visitors. If they are not available, monitor the strangers and phone the police if you spot anything untoward.
(C) Ignore them – you’ve no wish to interfere into someone else’s business.
(D) Telephone the police.

7. Your neighbour is behaving in a verbally abusive manner towards you

...shouting insults and threats, do you:

(A) Ignore them – eventually they’ll tire it of it and leave you alone.
(B) Report them to the police.
(C) Call round and attempt to resolve the issues that they have with you.
(D) Complain to their landlord (if appropriate) or the local authority.

8. You hear about instances of distraction burglaries

... taking place in the area, do you:

(A) Not let it bother you. You’d like to see someone try to use distraction to steal from you.
(B) Bolt all your windows and doors whenever you’re at home and ignore the doorbell if it rings.
(C) Lie in wait for any such burglars – they are baseless and should be taught a lesson.
(D) Visit any elderly or vulnerable neighbours to make sure they know what to do if a stranger calls.

9. One Sunday afternoon your relaxation is disturbed

...by a neighbourhood garden party going on next door. Do you:

(A) Let them have their fun, it’s good to see neighbours bonding - just as long as it isn’t into the early hours.
(B) Threaten to phone the police if they don’t keep the noise down.
(C) Retaliate by playing very loud and annoying music, drilling or mowing the lawn.
(D) Ask them why you weren’t invited.

10. You want to take an active role in improving the safety of your area, do you:

(A) Start a local vigilante group.
(B) Write letters to the local council detailing everything that is wrong in your neighbourhood.
(C) Campaign for greater police and CCTV presence in your area.
(D) Join or start up a local Neighbourhood Watch scheme, or contact your local neighbouring police team to find out how you can help.


(1) B (2) C (3) B (4) C (5) C (6) B (7) D (8) D (9) A (10) D

How did you fare?

8 to10 points - congratulations you are a very responsible neighbour, most people would love to live near you.

5 to 7 points -You're reasonably alert, but could do better

3 to 5 points - you should try to show more consideration to your neighbours and not overreact

under 3 points - Maybe you should find somewhere to live that's away from other people!

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