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Quiz: Are You a Security Savvy Householder?

By: Thomas Muller - Updated: 2 Jan 2013 | comments*Discuss
Burglar House Security Home Intruder Dog

An Englishman’s home may be his castle, but without the customary features of a moat, battlements and high stone walls, the modern British resident is forced to rely more on their security sense to protect their home. So when faced with invading hordes, how security savvy are you?

1. You arrive home to find your front door wide open

... what should you do first?

(A) Quickly find a weapon, such as a garden tool, and enter the house ready to tackle any intruder.
(B) Enter the house cautiously and shout out to see whether anyone is around.
(C) Without entering the house, go to a neighbour and call the police.
(D) Quickly close and lock any open doors from the outside in the hope of trapping the burglar inside. Following this, phone the police.

2. If you awaken to find a burglar in the house

...what should you NOT do?

(A) Make a noise in the hope it scares them off.
(B) Challenge the intruder.
(C) Keep quiet.
(D) Phone the police.

3. If you are home alone and there is unexpected knock

... at the door what’s the first thing you should do?

(A) Welcome them into your home for a cup of tea.
(B) Open the door and ask for the stranger’s identification.
(C) Hide yourself away from the window until they walk away.
(D) Look through a window or a spy-hole to see who it is. If they look suspiciousthen don’t answer it – official callers always make appointments first.

4. If the phone rings at home and you are not expecting a call

... how should you answer?

(A) By just saying “Hello!”
(B) With your surname and last four digits of your number.
(C) By saying nothing at all.
(D) By saying your surname followed by “Hello.”

5. Which of these home improvements

...is both an effective AND legitimate deterrent to burglars?

(A) A large prickly bush.
(B) Barbed wire across the top of the perimeter fence
(C) A scarecrow.
(D) A ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign.

6. When should you activate your burglar alarm?

(A) Whenever we go out.
(B) Both when we’re in bed at night and when we’re out.
(C) Just when we go on holiday.
(D) Whenever we remember.

7. Which of these dog breeds would make the most effective guard dog?

(A) The bloodhound.
(B) Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
(C) Bullmastiff.
(D) A pug.

8. If you are going on holiday and leaving your house empty

... which of these is NOT a convincing way to make it appear like you are still at home?

(A) Using a timer system to regularly switch on the radio to a talk station.
(B) If you have gone away in your car then get a neighbour to park theirs on your drive.
(C) Keep all of the lights in the house switched on.
(D) Get a neighbour to collect post, put out your bins, and open and close your curtains.

9. Which of these is NOT a common type of bogus caller?

(A) The bogus antique dealer.
(B) The bogus water board representative.
(C) The bogus vicar.
(D) The bogus workman.

10. Which of these is a good place to leave your spare house keys?

(A) Under a plant pot.
(B) Under the doormat.
(C) At your neighbour’s house.
(D) Buried under a rock in the flower bed.


(1) C (2) B (3) D (4) A (5) A (6) B (7) C (8) C (9) C (10) C

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